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MHT Orthodontics Joins Engage

MHT Orthodontics + Engage Orthodontics logos

Two teams becoming one.

Same doctors. Same locations. Same great patient-centered care.

Drs. Hanson and Hammerbeck are excited to announce our name change & rebrand to Engage Orthodontics – joining Dr. Klobucarich of Appleton. As of December 1, we started the official update – with additional rollouts to come into 2021.

Why the partnership between MHT and Engage?

With all of the changes in our own practice over the last several years and the wonderful addition of Dr. Hammerbeck to our practice in September 2019, we were ready to explore a name and brand that reflected the team at our Green Bay locations.

Furthermore, in 2017, Dr. Hanson purchased an orthodontic office in Appleton and shortly thereafter, Dr. Suzy Klobucarich joined him to take over patient care. This allowed Dr. Hanson to continue to focus completely on his patients at both MHT locations in Green Bay.

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Why the name “Engage?”

Great question … we were hoping you’d ask! Our team’s approach has ALWAYS been centered around the very best patient experience. We want to ENGAGE with you in the truest sense – to hear your questions, to get your feedback, to share laughs, and to get to know you. We want our patient relationships to be a two-way street where everyone feels like they belong – and you leave smiling and more confident EVERY time.

Additionally, one of our top core values is COMMUNITY. Our commitment to giving back is fierce and we want to get you involved in the experience too. Engaging in community is an amazing way to change lives and make our communities and our world a better place. Bonus: It really makes us smile too.

Engage Orthodontics Team Photo in the Snow

How will it affect my patient experience?

Really, it won’t at all. The same doctors will serve the very same locations as they currently do. The only change you’ll experience is the name update, which will affect:

  • What you see in your messages & mailboxes – communications will now feature the Engage brand and logo
  • Location signage
male patient smiling at the engage orthodontics dental lab
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